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Our goal here at the U.S. Law Center is to make users feel comfortable while filling out the online application with the help of the client service team. You can use the form navigating software that has been specially designed to detect errors and stop and prompt users to correct the errors in order to move forward.

Our Mission

Inculcated with the basic characteristics of Reliability, Quality and Capability, the U.S. Law Center’s sole mission is to deliver high-quality services that facilitate sustainable competitive advantage and the ultimate immigrant status for its clients.

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The Company has created this Privacy Policy to explain the type of information collected from your visit to and use of the U.S, Law Center website as well as our services, and how such information can be used.  Please review this privacy policy and contact us if you have any questions at

Our Chief Immigration Attorney


Sanjay Sobti

The professional qualifications of our Chief attorney Sanjay Sobti include membership at the American Immigration Lawyers Association and fluency in several languages. His skills and legal acumen are enhanced by his firm commitment to our clients’ interests. Mr. Sobti appreciates the opportunities he has as an immigration lawyer and loves to interact with clients coming from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, always endeavoring to assist these clients in achieving personal and professional goals.

Sanjay is a FIGHT FOR YOU LAWYER who firmly believes in the rights of those he represents. Whether it is helping you in bettering your financial status, helping you make your home permanent, helping you get fair compensation for any injury you suffered, helping a family member with immigration issues or helping you establish your innocence after you’ve been charged with a crime, he is always around.

He, with the help of our PROVEN SUPPORT PROFESSIONALS, will assist you in every way he can by offering free initial consultations, which will help you decide if we are the right firm for your needs.

We keep ourselves abreast and updated with the frequently changing immigration laws and growing customer expectations by locating ourselves at the constantly expanding frontier of U.S. immigration laws and by integrating technology in our daily operations.

Our U.S. Immigration law practice is comprehensive and includes employment-based, family-based, and student visa processing, defending clients in deportation cases, representation at hearings before the board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals.

Whether our client’s goal is recruiting foreign nationals, visiting the United States on a temporary basis, getting a green card, or attaining U.S. citizenship, our attorneys focus on a strategy that allows the client accomplish the goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How We Do It?

We utilize:

  • Step-by-step application-filling guidance in simple and plain English
  • Technology-embedded online application process
  • Team of qualified professionals offering assistance
  • Customized and easy-to-understand instructions
  • Customer service team ready to answer questions and offer explanations

We offer our assistance and ensure that you fill the applications accurately without having to worry about rejections. Once you’ve submitted your application to the USCIS (formerly known as INS) it is ready to be processed immediately.

To learn how to fill your U.S. Immigration application error-free and fast Contact us today.

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Why U.S. Law Center?

Filling out an immigration application is always a tedious and frustrating job, and the reasons are:

  • Takes too much time
  • The instructions are complex and confusing
  • Human error – we tend to make spelling mistakes/enter incorrect information or even select a wrong application

At the U.S. Law Center we have poured in our 20 years of immigration law experience to make it easy for the applicants to fill out the U.S. Immigration applications quickly and efficiently. We make the entire form-filling process stress-free, time- saving and enjoyable.

The added advantages are:

  • Simply fill it out and forget it – significantly reduced possibility for rejection
  • You don’t have to redo it
  • Focus on your other core activities
  • Save precious time and money!

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