Immigration Attorney Review

Professional Review By Licensed Immigration Attorneys

A premium service extended by the U.S. Law Center is the application review service, which helps you ensure that you file your immigration application with confidence.

All applications are scrutinized by licensed immigration lawyers to ensure everything is in order and nothing is missed out.

The immigration attorneys will always double-check your application to spot even the tiniest errors. The attorneys are trained to look for inconsistencies with regards to names, addresses, dates, and any other related and relevant information.

At the U.S. Law Center we have a hand-picked team of immigration professionals that ensures 100% client satisfaction.


Relax knowing an immigration lawyer has reviewed your application

Complete your application using our easy-to-use, step-by-step form navigating software. Based on the answers and information you provide, an immigration lawyer will provide a seven point review your application for:

  • Eligibility to file for whatever migration benefit sought
  • Omission of key information
  • Typographical errors that can lead to rejection
  • Consistent spelling of names and places throughout
  • Inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates
  • Entries contradicting each other
  • Illogical entries
You Complete the Form I-90 / Form N-400 Online
Attorney Reviews the Filled in Application
You Print and Send the Application to USCIS after Attorney's Approval

Let A Lawyer Help You!

If you want your application to be reviewed by a professional immigration attorney at the U.S. Law Center, call us 1-888-990-0538 or contact us to schedule for a consultation. This process ensures that your application is 100% correct and will get approved by the USCIS.


Don’t worry if there are any errors in your application, we will either call you or send you an email. All you need to do is to make sure you correct the errors before submitting. Once the immigration attorney approves the application, you will get a notification that you are ready to move on to the next step.

Although the immigration attorney is going to double-check your application, it is better that you make sure all details have been filled accurately. Remember this is not a perfect substitute for an attorney officially representing you with your immigration case

However, if you prefer that an attorney needs to give your application and case his or her personal care and attention, we recommend that you seek help from an immigration attorney directly. We will connect you to an attorney through our network; alternatively you can contact the local chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA).

Questions for the Lawyer? Schedule a Consultation

If you want your Green Card Renewal (Form I-90) or U.S Citizenship (Form N-400) applications to be reviewed by a professional immigration attorney, you can call us or contact us to schedule a phone consultation and ask questions or discuss concerns about the green card renewal or U.S citizenship applications.

If you would like to discuss your immigration needs with one of our attorneys, please call us 1-888-990-0538 or contact us to schedule for a consultation.